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Cloudy Urine and Diabetes

Diabetic urine is cloudy

Diabetes not only can cause glucose in urine, but may also lead to cloudy urine according to Actforlibraries, that may be present with either red or white cloudy appearance, respectively, representing blood in urine and bacteriuria (pyuria).

Diabetes and urinary tract infections

Infections are the common complications in diabetes, such as purulent skin infections, fungal skin infections, Candida albicans vaginitis, pulmonary tuberculosis.

Diabetes also often lead to urinary tract infection, mostly being pyelonephritis and cystitis, which recurrently attack and thus turn to chronic inflammation, especially in female patients.

Cloudy urine in diabetes sufferers due to urinary tract infections, is often the white cloudy urine. There are a lot of white blood cells in urine, as well as bacteria, pus cells.

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