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Genital Herpes Symptoms Treatment

Genital Herpes are a type of sexually transmitted disease that is characterized by flesh-colored or gray warts in the genital region. This condition is commonly caused by the HPV or human papillomavirus. Both men and women can be affected by genital warts, though it is worth noting that genital warts symptoms in men are generally the same as genital warts symptoms in women, as warts appear in the genital region and around the anal region. People affected by this kind of condition are generally around the age of 17 to 33 years old, as this is the age when they are most sexually active. It is also worth noting that those with genital warts have a 60% chance of affecting others who they are in sexual contact with.

The severity of genital herpes symptoms may vary from person to person, but most symptoms are characterized by clusters of warts that can be tiny and spread around the genital area or around the penile area in men. In women, genital warts may be experienced in the cervical opening. Genital warts may also appear around the mouth of a person who has had oral sex, though this is a very rare case. Other symptoms include: itching, discharge, bleeding and trouble urinating due to painful bumps, and warts spreading across other regions other than the vaginal or penile area.

As of now, there is no cure for the virus HPV, though you can employ a treatment or two to reduce the severity of the visible symptoms. If you want to find out how to treat genital herpes, then you should know that no single treatment is effective in eliminating genital warts so in most cases, it may be necessary to employ more than one treatment. In some cases, genital warts may disappear on their own after some period of time. Cryotherapy is a common treatment used to eliminate genital herpes symptoms. This type of treatment involves freezing the warts with liquid nitrogen to make it easier to remove them later on. This treatment is one of the most popular treatments for warts, as it comes with the least side effects. Laser treatment is also used to remove warts, though it may be necessary to go through several sessions before the warts are completely eliminated.

The severity of symptoms highly depends on the virus. Some people who are affected don’t show evident symptoms while others may suffer from a lot of painful bulges and warts. People can be infected with HPV without showing any evident genital herpes symptoms. Those without any evident symptoms have a lesser chance of affecting another person during sexual intercourse. Since it can occur in people for years without manifesting any physical symptoms, it is best to have yourself checked so that you can seek proper treatment while the condition is still latent. If you have been tested positive for HPV, never have sexual intercourse without protection as the risks of infecting your partner are still pretty high. There are several other treatments that you can employ for the treatment of genital warts, just ask your doctor for the most suitable one for you.