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What Causes Infantigo

Impetigo(infantigo) – pustular skin disease caused by streptococci and staphylococci. Pathogen penetrates through the cracks and scratches the skin, the mouth of the hair follicles.

What causes impetigo? Development of the disease contribute to the micro, maceration, skin contamination, enhanced sweating, metabolic disorders (diabetes), vitamin deficiencies, immune suppression (after previous serious illness, etc.).

Impetigo – an infectious disease transmitted mainly by direct contact with patients, sometimes through the towels, toys, clothing or household items.

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Symptoms and types of Infantigo

The main symptoms: Small bubbles or rough with a crust of yellow or honey-colored skin. Often, they first appear on the face, around the nose, but then may spread to the arms and legs. At times can be observed an increase in the nearest lymph nodes.

Impetigo may be accompanied by the formation of blisters: this form is caused by staph bacteria that produce toxins, it becomes a cause of the gap in communications between the epidermis and deeper layers of skin. Blisters may appear in different areas of the skin, especially on the buttocks, the bubbles are fragile, often broken, leaving a red, moist area of skin with ragged edges.

Distinguish staphylococcal impetigo, strep and strep-staphylococci.

Strep impetigo starts as a few towering, inclined to the peripheral growth of conflicts – cavity elements such as bubbles ranging in size from 2 to 10 mm or more in diameter. Eruptions are scattered or crowded groups, surrounded by a narrow rim of hyperemia. The contents of conflicts initially clear, then cloudy and rapidly shrinking into a light-yellow crusts fall off after 5-7 days, after which it remains to depigmentation.

The varieties of strep impetigo are a simple person lichen or dry pyoderma – centers thin plastic flaky with a slight reddening of the skin.

Another type of strep impetigo – streptococcal will pick that are more common in children. They begin with the appearance in the corner of his mouth bladder flaccid thin cap, in his place quickly formed slit-like erosion, after the removal of which revealed a red wet easily bleeding surface with a crack in the center. After 1-2 hours bridou again crusty. The process may be accompanied by a small sore on opening the mouth. The process often extends to the oral mucosa. Sometimes impetigo occurs in isolation in the mouth, where on the site to quickly revealing conflicts generated painful erosion, covering a purulent coating.

Variant of cystic impetigo is superficial, and felon in which conflicts arise in the nail rollers accurately around the nail in place burr trauma (for example, during a manicure), needle-stick injuries, etc. With injuries such conflicts is exposed and formed weeping erosion in a large number of streptococci in the discharge.

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